Food Processing
for the Future

16.01.2020 / Milling Hotel / Middelfart

Conference for the food industry created
by the food industry.
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The food industry is facing great challenges and opportunities in the future. We are creating an innovative meeting place for suppliers and food producer in Scandinavia to face these challenges and find the solutions together. Without your input and participation Food Processing for the Future will not succeed. Take the opportunity to have your say and reach out.

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Future challenges demanding new solutions

9.00 Registration and coffee

9.30 Opening

9.45 Keynote: Klaus Grunert, MAPP, Aarhus University

10.15 Room change

10.30 Sustainable Packaging


Transit Packaging Solutions for optimum product protection
Optimized and customized solutions on how to effectively reduce wasted film, reduce volume of products being damaged during handling and transport, minimize repacking and the costs involved to do so, and with it to deliver on your sustainability goals.

GEA Food Solution Nordic2019-10-30T13:00:05+00:00

FoodTray – the system solution for sustainable food packaging
GEA, ROBA and Schur Flexibles have together developed the GEA FoodTray. The ecological corrugated cardboard/film composite solution. Both components are combined on GEA PowerPak PLUS thermoforming packaging machine and can be easily separated by the consumer after use and thus meets the needs for sustainable packaging.

Südpack Verpackungen2019-10-30T13:20:00+00:00

ROADMAP for Sustainable Film Packaging
Diverse demands from different markets and retailers appear like a Gordian knot. There is not “the ONE universal way” to solve the packaging challenges of tomorrow. Find YOUR way in the jungle of solutions like downgauging – biobased – recyclable friendly concepts.

Sky-light A/S2019-10-30T13:00:00+00:00

Recycled packaging for the future
SKY- LIGHT has for many years developed environment-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions made from up to 100 % recycled plastic material for the food manufacturing companies thus, adding value to sustainable growth. We present solutions with e.g. a patented alternative to the single-use plastic spoon for “on the go” snacks like yogurt and skyr.

10.30 Smarter Cleaning

Aquila Triventek2019-10-30T13:21:49+00:00

Dry Ice blasting – new unique method of cleaning
The benefits of Dry Ice blasting methods meets the challenges of the future. This new unique method of cleaning in the food industry provides substantial savings in terms of reducing cleaning costs and downtime. It is adaptable to both gentle and difficult subjects and even solves problems with Listeria, E-coli and Salmonella.

System Cleaners2019-10-30T13:22:02+00:00

Take care of food safety
Automatic cleaning applying low-pressure technology for open plant cleaning of conveyors, industrial freezers, deboners, fillers and other mechanical processing of food or beverages. Low-pressure cleaning will reduce water and chemical consumption, optimize operations and ensure a high level of hygiene and food safety

SBT Instruments2019-10-30T13:22:16+00:00

BactoBox; a near instant bacteria sensor for smarter cleaning
Smarter cleaning is the key to achieve high food safety and minimize product quality issues. SBT Instruments presents BactoBox; a small and easy-to-use bacteria sensor which performs total bacteria counts within minutes on surfaces and in water samples giving the food industry unprecedented control with hygiene & cleaning processes

FHS Scandinavia2019-10-30T13:22:32+00:00

Decontamination while the production is running 24/7
Over the past many years using UVC light, ozone and ionization, FHS Scandinavia has been frontrunners concerning future demands and learned what works for disinfection without chemistry in the food industry. By selecting market leading European suppliers of “chemistry-free decontamination 24-7 while production is running”, we guarantee efficiency and smarter cleaning.

10.30 Intelligent processing


Let your machines talk
Good things happen when people talk, but amazing things can happen when machines talk! Today, industrial installations are often made up of disparate equipment, systems and standards but ABB’s digital powertrain solutions open for accurate, real-time information making sure you are one step ahead of your production to the benefit of uptime and profitability.


New Inline sensors for intelligent processing systems
Q-Interline offer new series of high performance inline analyzer systems, ready to meet the needs of the industry today and in the future. The analyzer systems used together with an intelligent and semi-automated solution for continuous validation of critical sensors, can provide a solid data foundation supporting intelligent processing systems.


Heavily regulated industries
The world’s first RTD sensor unit capable of fully automated in-situ self-calibration meets the future by effectively eliminating the risk of undetected non-conformities, reduces production downtime and increases product safety and process efficiency in applications of the food & beverage industry.

Tetra Pak2019-10-30T13:41:17+00:00

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11.45 Lunch and visit the stands

13.15 From Waste to Value

Teknologisk Institut2019-10-30T13:29:43+00:00

How to up-grade food industry side streams to high-quality proteins
Side streams from the food industry are an underexploited source of high-quality proteins and the Danish Technological Institute has developed a technology-based approach to fully exploit the potential of specific side streams to human consumption with a subsequent higher profit and a more sustainable food production


Keep an automated eye on waste reduction
Through advanced, user-friendly machine vision systems that automate the inspection processes of food and its packaging and capture data during these processes, TriVision not only helps food manufacturers to secure product quality, but also enables them to optimize the production and reduce waste, making the production more sustainable.


Next level of water re-use
New challenges call for new solutions – new purifying technologies and processes produce water of the highest quality.  Reuse of water is a part of International food companies CSR-strategy and work with the UN Global Goals – Veolia has more than 50 new reference cases.

13.15 Alternative Protein Sources

Landia A/S2019-10-30T13:28:44+00:00

Effective way to extract protein
Landia has developed a technology, an Enzymatic Protein Hydrolyser, for extraction of proteins from food grade by-products, or from meat, fish, shell fish and poultry. The Hydrolyser is characterized by its simple design and reliable operation.


The opportunities of rapeseed
CanolaPRO™ is a rapeseed protein sutaible for a wide range of uses for food and beverages. CanolaPRO™ is entirely soluble over a broad pH range and shows outstanding foaming and emulsifying properties. CanolaPRO™ has a very high nutritional quality (PDCAAS=1 and DIAAS > 100). And our protein has a balanced taste profile.”

SPX FLOW2019-11-08T08:40:17+00:00

Riding the plant-based food revolution
Have you ever wondered if your dairy plant can be used to produce tasty, appealing plant-based products? Do you understand the possibilities and opportunities in this market area? In this presentation, we will show you nine future trends in food processing technologies and how you can benefit by riding the consumer wave towards plant-based foods.

13.15 Intelligent processing


Design validation through process simulation
Gain improved insight and decision support in dairy plant design by adding process simulation model to your project. Run your production plan through a simulated version of your plant and witness first-hand how your production performs. Run optimization scenarios and test your ideas in a safe and risk free environment.


Digitalizing the Process Industry
The tool of the future for increased competitiveness in the process industry! Au2mate presents an introduction to news and trends in the digitalisation segment as well as the background and possibilities of increased “Intelligent processing” i.e. in the context of digitalisation perspective, intelligent process control and short- and long-term digitalisation trends.


High quality detection with Long Wave X-rays
The low-energy technology Long Wave X-rays (LWX) makes it possible to detect even small differences in thickness and density in packaged food products. Thus, the high sensitivity LWX-imaging meets the demands for process control and cost efficiency in high-speed production now and in the future.

14.15 Coffee and visit the stands

15.15 Keynote: Lars Feldskou, Senior Vice President, Danish Crown

15.45 Closing remarks

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